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Private Breastfeeding Support


Virtual consultations available. 

Home Visits remain possible if required

Kate Battersby - IBCLC RM RN

Bristol Based Lactation Consultant & Practising Midwife


Supporting you and your baby's needs
Confident Breastfeeding
Home Visits in and Around Bristol

Areas of expertise include:
  • Establishing breastfeeding

  • Understanding your new baby's behaviour - including feeding/sleep patterns, colic, reflux and allergies

  • Overcoming latch difficulties/ Gaining a comfortable latch

  • Weight gain and milk supply concerns

  • Diagnosing tongue tie and referral service

  • Preventing mastitis

  • Expressing breast milk and safe milk storage

  • Breastfeeding and returning to work

  • Breastfeeding the older baby

  • Breastfeeding twins

Daytime, evening and weekend consultations

  • £70 per video consultation

Home consultations 

  • £90 per consultation including follow-up phone calls, texts and emails.

  • £60 per person Group session - maximum 3 mums per visit

  • £150 Combined Antenatal/Postnatal session - Visit during pregnancy and follow up postnatal session



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I am an Independent Lactation Consultant and Midwife providing specialist breastfeeding advice and practical support to women in the relaxed environment of their own homes.



I have worked in Plymouth, London and now Bristol as a Midwife for over 21 years.  During this time, I have gained a wealth of valuable experience in the care of mothers and their newborn babies.  I have seen first hand how challenging breastfeeding can be, especially when new mums are establishing breastfeeding and getting to know their own baby's needs.


It is my aim to empower each mother in her own ability to confidently breastfeed her baby.  I have worked as an Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife in Bristol.  In 2009, after extensive study, I qualified as a Lactation Consultant.  This enhanced my breastfeeding expertise and has equipped me with the unique expertise, depth of knowledge and necessary skills to help mothers with their breastfeeding needs.  In 2014 and 2019 I recertified my qualification as a Lactation Consultant.



My consultation will be personalised to meet each mother and her baby's needs.  My services consist of a thorough breastfeeding history and observation of a breastfeed, watching the baby attach to the breast and expert support with an individualised feeding plan and follow up support via phone, text or email for as long as necessary.



To discuss booking an appointment, please text or call

07932 176 060

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Kate is the only reason my wife is still breastfeeding during this pandemic. With very little post-natal support due to the covid-19 lockdown Kate would video chat with my wife helping her from everything from latching, feeding positions and understanding what to expect from our newborn baby. She was reassuring, professional and extremely friendly. We couldn't have asked for better support during these crazy times. Highly recommended!



Kate came to our home when our baby was 1 week old and she was an angel sent from above. I went from struggling to latch and get enough milk to our baby to being completely comfortable with breastfeeding. As a new mother I was beyond stressed and worried about my difficulty with feeding and Kate came in as a calming force who was the most incredible game changer. Kate was worth so much more than the amount she charged and I have told all my mum and mum-to-be friends to get in contact with her both pre and post birth.
Since our first meeting we have had 2 follow-up video calls and numerous messages - to have this expert on hand to offer reassurance and guidance is truly invaluable.
Thank you Kate!



I saw Kate over video call, during the time of Covid19, after being highly recommended her from friends. Kate is kind, generous with her time and expertise, and has made a huge difference in my breastfeeding experience. I was experiencing pain when feeding my son, and Kate diagnosed the issues quickly and talked me through (& supported me after the video call) that we could do to change this. Just a week later, one feed, I had to check if my son was still attached (which he was) because what had before been excruciating, was now basically pain-free! I would highly recommend Kate and her video call service!



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